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Graphics & Animation

Construction projects are composed of thousands of discrete acts and events. Boiling these facts down to their essence requires research and analysis based on experience and scientific techniques. However, telling the story of what happened, as we are often called on to do, requires artistic talent as well. As a result, we have developed a sophisticated in-house art capability. Our clients quickly recognize that these capabilities can make or save them money.

Clients using our 3-D modeling and animation capabilities as part of their presentations to Owners, Contractors, Construction Managers, and/or Architects successfully stood out among a crowded field of competitors and started landing contracts.   

Attorneys frequently use our services since our computer models and graphics are prepared by degreed architects and engineers with full concern for precision, scale, and accuracy and are able to withstand evidentiary challenge. 

Please take a few moments to review samples of our state-of-the-art graphic capabilities. Please note that these are abbreviated samples.

Clicking on the images below will open animations in Windows Media Player.